Since 1992

Gs furs was founded in 1992, having as main activity the processing and alteration of mink fur pieces.

Since 1997, the company was oriented towards prefabricated products and the production was mainly focused on mink tails. In 2002, we changed the material used for the production of furs to a secondary leather-type product.



Since 2007, GS Furs has first started using Lynx skins for production.

Lynx fur is considered one of the most elite. Products made from this fur are unpretentious and durable, especially in difficult climatic conditions where it is difficult to heat up.

The combination of Lynx with Black Glama and Nafa has produced great results. Durability, comfort, beauty, strength combined with softness and tenderness. All of this is characteristic of the production of the GS Furs.



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The knowledge and skills of GS Furs specialists and rigorous control over the entire production line allow the company to offer products classic and strict, stylish and fashionable for every taste and desire of their customers.


At that point forward we introduced the two-color innovation. Thanks to this innovation, the company started to increase its activities and thus it developed its sales in many Greek cities, such as Katerini, Athens and Chalkidiki, and also recently abroad, in Dubai, Moscow and Italy.



There are not many materials that can give to the word “luxury” a dimension as concrete as the one provided by the fur. Besides, it is not by chance that the absolute star of the female clothing has the leading role and steals the show in the most glamorous catwalks of the world.

Like a real “diva”, the fur has the unique ability to gain the impressions, charm with its appearance and catch all the eyes with its fine excellence. The careful and right use of the fur coats extends their life.

Please follow the international guidelines to extend the life of your clothing.
  • Keep the coats on hangers and near moth papers.
  • Hang the clothing on a coat hanger with broad shoulders for heavy clothes in order to keep the shape of its shoulders unchanged.
  • Do not wash or immerse your fur in the water.
  • Avoid contact with water, for example with rain or sleet, as well as with bright light. In case the fur gets wet, you must shake it out to dry, hang it and let it dry in room temperature. Do not dry it on a radiator or similar equipment. When it gets dry shake it out a bit and brush it in the direction of the hairs using a metal brush.
  • Keep it away from fire sources (direct heat) to avoid the drying of the leather.
  • Do not put heavy accessories in the product.
  • Avoid dust and dyes, since they destroy the fur.
  • Expose the fur to air from time to time. Prefer a sunny winter day or a dark place in the summer, avoiding direct contact with the sun, especially if your fur is dyed.
  • If you keep the fur coat in a confined space, you should dry it and expose it to air, as well as change the moth paper every 6 months.

handmade production


GS Furs' products are always handmade, as the company's only objective is the top quality that was stabilized over time but never stopped growing. The company persists in handmade production, at the expense of quality, having as its main objective the continuous improvement of the products' quality, using design patterns that can be found only in entire fur coats – leather clothing. GS Furs has obtained national and international quality and origin certification for its products.


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The company procures its materials from farms abroad.
The main auctions / vendors are BLACKGLAMA, NAFA, KOPENHAGEN FUR, SAGA. In this way it ensures the quality certificates of the respective auctions, as well as the ORIGINAL ASSURED.

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